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Welcome to the Ensemble Hosted Cruises information page. As certified hosts for Ensemble the founders and owners of TBS Travel are pleased to share with you this exciting cruising opportunity. When you are part of an Ensemble Hosted Cruise you receive several exciting and complimentary benefits all courtesy of your travel agent. If you do not have an agent we invite you to contact us directly.

  • Access to an onboard Ensemble Host
  • A private welcome cocktail party
  • A complimentary Ensemble Experience Shore Event or Onboard Experience

As part of the Ensemble Group, TBS Travel is please to offer you the full selection of over 300 Ensemble Hosted Cruises. We are excited to share with you the wonderful time we had with Barbara being the onboard Ensemble host on the March 18, 2012 sailing of the Celebrity Solstice. With over 70 guests in the group they enjoyed all of the benefits listed above including a half day tour in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

If you are interested in being part of an Ensemble Experience sailing please contact us at 877-492-1201.

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