Learning at Sea


In today’s changing world, you have many options when looking for opportunities to increase your personal and professional knowledge. You could take the traditional approach and drive dutifully to a classroom where you sit and listen to some “talking head” expert tell you what he or she thinks is important. You could also enroll in the scores of personal and profession online sessions, webinars, and technology-based learning. Instead  of those approaches, why not take a fun-filled vacation with friends and family on a luxurious cruise ship to exciting and memorable locations while dedicating part of your at sea time to attend active and stimulating learning events on a variety of topics?

Learning at Sea is the new way for anyone wanting to increase their  knowledge and skills to actually enjoy the  experience. By registering for one of our engaging workshops, you are on your way to making the change you want by enhancing your skills and developing your hidden talents. All of our learning events are structured so the needs of the particpants are the central focus of content delivery. They are designed with elements of brain-based learning included. In other words, elements such as color, sound, motion, engagement, novelty, music, fun and much more are incorporated into the delivery. These elements have been identified over years of research as ones which can enhance learning and stimulate brain neurons so that participants more effectively gain, retain, recall and use what they learn.

To round out the process and help ensure a satisfying and successful learning experience for you, we have hand- picked every one of our workshop facilitators. They all have years of experience, combined with professional and educational training in their subject areas.

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